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KBex Global has opened in Boca Raton, FL as one of the most modern staffing firms in South Florida! What makes KBex Global modern? In short, their efficiency and how they attack the market in a unique way.

1. KBex is Women-Owned

Only 36 percent of all businesses are women-owned so this is something we are very proud of and what helps makes us more modern (US dept of Labor Blog).

2. We Share a Recording of the Candidate

No other staffing firm does this (that we can find). KBex gets consent from their top candidates to record a snippet of the face-to-face interview that KBex performs. KBex then shares this recording with the hiring manager/team when presenting candidates for a role! KBex found, during their market research, that a hiring managers pain point is not getting a “feel” of the candidates before coming in, so we added this to our screening process! Wow!

3. Automated Interview Scheduling

When a KBex employee reaches out to a candidate, they will either call immediately or send you an message with a link to automatically schedule a call. It’s modern day, everyone is busy, so we give our customers a chance to prepare, breathe, and schedule with a couple clicks! The link is updated in real-time to a local rep’s availability, then all parties will be sent a calendar invite so that everyone is informed of the meeting details! Most agencies will keep pinging you and then send an email with no way to get back to them besides back and forth phone calls. This automated link is even found on our website so you can speak to a professional today – about anything! How awesome is that?

4. We Specialize and Partner

Unlike most staffing firms, KBex has specialized in hiring manufacturing personnel; from production workers, IT, to C-level executives, KBex has you covered! We have only hired experienced recruiters from diverse backgrounds so that we can tackle any type of role. For the roles we may not specialize in, we send to our partner recruiting firm for help! This partnership allows us to share candidates and jobs to a community full of vetted & experienced recruiters so that your positions are filled quickly with the most qualified candidates.

5. The Best Incentives for Employees, Candidates, and Clients

We have the BEST incentives in the market! For our employees, we offer the highest commissions and flexibility a staffing firm has ever seen. For our clients, we are transparent about our fees and our process… try to find another firm out there that has their prices and processes on their website! We will wait. KBex is known for providing excellent customer service and we have saved hundreds of thousands of budget dollars for our clients. We are here to not only making hiring easy for you, but to make the rest of your job easier as well. For candidates, we are transparent and charge no fee to find them their perfect role! We edit their resume for free and if for whatever reason our open jobs do not work out for them, we share their resume with our recruiting partners incase they have an open role (upon request of candidate). KBex has the highest paid referral program out there! By referring a candidate, you can get paid $1,000 for each one and by referring a client, you can make up to $2,000 per client! The market average for referrals fees are around $500.

6. Small Business with Top Agency Access

KBex Global is a small business based out of Boca Raton, FL but we have access to more candidates than some of the top 10 agencies in the USA. How? KBex interviewed 100+ staffing firm professionals from these top agencies to learn how they found their candidates, and turns out, they use the same resume databases that every other staffing firm and business uses: Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. So while you’re paying some big agency 25-30% placement fees, you could have partnered with KBex and found that same candidate for half the price. Plus we partner with government employment agencies, post on the most niche and local board, and utilize our recruiter partnerships that have access to 17,000+ people in the job market. Don’t be fooled by large firms.

In short, KBex Global is your one-stop-shop for all hiring needs! We can hire on a temporary, temp-to-permanent, or permanent basis. We can hire anywhere within the USA. Don’t miss out on finding quality candidates while saving on your budget! Call KBex Global today.

Thanks for reading!


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