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Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We Create Solutions To All Of Your Talent Acquisition Challenges

 Who we are

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your hiring needs. How? Because it’s year 2022 and the old school way doesn’t work anymore. We have built a network of over 400+ experienced Recruiters and Account Managers from all over the United States so that we can provide fast & efficient service and qualified candidates for our clients. Our modern day algorithm connects specialized recruiters to corresponding job openings based on job type and geography so only the best & most qualified recruiters are working on select roles. At KBex, we offer our employees the largest incentives in the market. Why? Because we believe that rewarded work promotes successful work. We are competitive, proud, experienced and fair. We are your go-to staffing firm. 


We have the ability to hire anywhere in the US on a contract, contract to hire and permanent placement basis.
Although we service every state, below are the areas where we are currently doing the most business.


South Florida



North Carolina










San Francisco

Los Angeles

San Diego 

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What People Say

“I was extremely impressed with KBex. They were super thorough and very kind and easy to work with!”

– Ivan F

“The entire process was completely smooth and professional. Kailyn was really friendly and easy to talk to. She was always there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend KBex Global for recruitment!”

– Johanser M.

“It’s nice to finally work with a staffing firm who gets it. KBex worked with me on my budget, helped save thousands, all while providing top tier talent. Thank you KBex.”

– Karen P.

I was hesistant to give KBex a shot due to their low fees but am I glad I did! Their goal, unlike all other vendors I have worked with, it to really help save on budget by hiring intelligently and strategically. They really have a process that works. It has been and will be a pleasure to work with KBex. They have really educated me on the best hiring techniques and the current job market. Thank you KBex Global.

– Greg D. 

Above and beyond should be their motto. I really like their interview process, it’s very thorough. The candidate cover letters they create are really helpful when reviewing candidates.

– Michael F.