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About Us

KBex is based out of Raleigh, NC but offers staffing services across the United States. KBex was founded by a team of experienced Professional Recruiters, Recruiter Directors, Account and Talent Managers. Our goal was to start with a solid team of professional and open minded individuals from the staffing and internal corporate recruitment world who shared similar goals and values. We believe it is important to create a team that comes from these backgrounds in order to provide the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

We developed and continue to develop KBex based on the current market place pain points. We are known for our fast turnaround time, qualified candidates, excellent customer service, transparency, client & candidate attentiveness, and best in the market rates. KBex is extremely flexible with client budgets. Our goal is to create life long partnerships, we are not your “one and done” staffing agency, we are your go-to staffing partner.

Outside of business, we have fun and give back to our community. We are great at what we do but work life balance is extremely important in our work culture.

KBex Global is proud to be women owned.

KBex was founded on these four values:


Be Real

Value People

Our People are #1 Priority


To Know, Go & Show the Way


To Make the Impossible Happen

Why We Started

KBex was created in order to provide a unique and honest staffing service to the community. Our teams previous experiences brought us together to form a Staffing Service that hits all of the above core values and more! We were all tired of the “numbers game” that most agencies played. We wanted to create a firm focused on quality, trust, relationships, and reward. We also have created an internal working environment that is highly competitive yet collaborative. It is our #1 priority to have happy employees who genuinely want to come to KBex everyday.  

We also wanted to focus on flexibility and transparency. Not many agencies are willing to negotiate and be flexible on pricing and options. We are able to consult clients in order to provide them with the best solution and staffing service offerings based on their specific needs, pain points, and circumstance. In many cases, we have been able to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruitment fees in just as little as 6 months. In short, we wanted to create a win-win-win business, where each the candidate, client, and KBex could look back and be proud. Business is not meant to be difficult, it’s meant to be successful and that is what we bring to the table. 


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