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Direct Placement

One of the main pain points in the market, is that many clients/businesses are paying for a person and not the agencies work that was put in. It feels nice to get paid for what you actually do, so that is what we charge. We offer a tiered pricing structure for the Direct Placement Services, this way, the client is paying for the amount of time/work we put in while at the same time, receiving great service and a great candidate!

Some businesses like a flat rate/fee, which is fine, too! What is great about KBex, is that we work with you and tailor to your needs. So although we have a unique approach and style, we always conform to the needs of our customers and clients and grow based on this feedback. Our goal is to create a partnership and trusting relationship through communication and good business.


KBex works backwards off of the client’s budget. We do not work off of mark-up rates. 3-month contract minimum per contractor. We offer a conversion fee option to convert contractors to direct employees earlier than the 3-month minimum.

KBex pays weekly and offers contractor benefits: health, dental, vision, HSA and a 401-k.

We have the insurances and licensing to hire in healthcare, IT, Professional, and Manufacturing industries. See Contractor Services for more information.

Contractors log their time online, no paper!


Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Do you need to hire at a mass level? Are you eperiencing challenges in your Talent Acquisition department? Are you a startup?Then our RPO service is your solution.

Schedule a call from our home page or call now for a free consultation! We offer multiple solutions for your business depedning on the pain points and/or goals you have. Whether you need to scale your team quickly or you need to revamp your current recruiting and/or hiring processes, we can help!

KBex has an RPO team ready to help. Based on your needs, we develop processes, train employees, consult hiring managers, assign a recruiting team, generate SLA’s, reporting, improve current systems, and more!

Standard Candidate Screening Process

Below is the step by step process we take in order to qualify candidates. Please note that this is the baseline for qualifying candidates, we offer more steps in the qualifying process upon request and for specialty and executive level positions.

Source & Pre-qualify

We use many different resources, connections, previous hires, 5M+ candidate proprietary database, and referrals to source our candidates who meet all of the client’s qualifications and more. When we receive a job, our back-end technology assigns select recruiters to work on the job based on the recruiter’s expertise, industry, and geographical location. This way, only the best and most qualified recruiters are working on the position. We have 400+ recruiters in the US.

A 30 minute initial phone interview is performed by a recruiter to make sure the fit is right for both the candidate and the client.

2nd phone Interview & Face to Face meeting

Our Professional Recruiters will then present the candidate to the client-specific Account Manager to be phone interviewed again.

A face-to-face interview will then be performed and, at times, recorded based on client MSA and candidate approval. During the face-to-face interview, we make sure the candidate meets the soft skills required to do the job.

Reference Checks

The recruiters check 2-3 professional references for both contract and direct hire candiates. We call each reference and ask them a series of standard and job specific questions to make sure the candidates are reputable.


Presentation to the hiring team

The candidates screening notes, salary, resume, and video recording will then be sent to the hiring manager for review.

KBex never represents any candidate without their approval. We also only send our clients the absolute best fits and promise to not represent them for another role while in the interview process or hired.


Start Hiring Now!

The most important part is finding the right candidate and the right job, not just any candidate or any job.

We are proud to say that 95% of one of the first 3 candidates presented have been hired by our clients!